Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cyprus PPalouze sweet or ..... Grape Cream

Cyprus Ppalouzee or just... Grape Cream

"Ppalouze" is a traditional sweer of #Cyprus . A local recipe which has its roots in ancient times when people used grapes a lot since it was easily found.

Traditional recipe is a bit different from mine
(video below)

This recipe is a simplified one but more tasty and a more nutritional version.

it is also suitable for people with Celiac Disease and Vegetarians. It has now sugar , no wheat and 
no animal products.

For this simple recipe you will need just 2 ingredients

Grape Juice
(from fresh grapes )
Corn Starch
 ( Corn Flour) 

The procedure is very simple
was the grapes very well
Use a mill or a pressure juicer or just with the hands to squeeze the grapes and get the juice.
Strain the juice and put it in a cooking pot 
Keep one cup of juice to dilute the corn flour
For every glass of juice add 1 tablespoon of cornflour
Dilute it very well and add it to the juice
Cook in slow fire steering using a wooden spoon or a whisker until the mixture starts to set.
When the mixture starts to jell we continue to mix for 1-2 minutes to cook the corn flour and in order for
the cream to shine
Remove from fire and put in bowls and refrigerate for a few hours
PPalouzee can be served hot as well with crushed almonds on top 

Tips -
Use a cooking pot with thick walls in order to cook the cream slowly
cook in slow fire
PPalouzee tastes better the next day!

For the traditional recipe click here

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